Discover the steps to obtain the elusive Purple Marshmallow Chick in the popular Roblox game, Pet Simulator X. This exclusive event pet is only available until April 13th, so read on to ensure you don't miss out. Follow these instructions on purchasing the necessary item, putting it on your avatar, and ultimately unlocking the Purple Marshmallow Chick.

Purple Marshmallow Chick

The Purple Marshmallow Chick lacks a damage number beneath it in the Pets screen, thanks to the "Companion I" enchantment. This enchantment makes the pet 50% as strong as your best pets. Its strength is determined by the overall strength of your other pets. Additionally, it comes with a random enchantment, such as Rainbow Coins I, providing a 15% boost in Rainbow Coins.

How to Get the Purple Marshmallow Chick

1. Purchase the Cyber Bunny Helmet

   - To initiate the process, acquire the Cyber Bunny Helmet from the Roblox Marketplace for 40 Robux. Unfortunately, getting the Purple Marshmallow Chick requires spending robux. If you're short, you can roblox buy robux on

2. Equip the Cyber Bunny Helmet

   - After purchasing the Cyber Bunny Helmet, access the Avatar Editor by clicking the "Avatar" button on the left side of your screen. Locate the Cyber Bunny Helmet and equip it to your avatar. Wearing this item is crucial for unlocking the Purple Marshmallow Chick.

3. Play Pet Simulator X

   - Head over to Pet Simulator X after donning the Cyber Bunny Helmet. It's not enough to own the item; you must wear it in-game to unlock the Purple Marshmallow Chick. Once you start the game, a message will confirm that you've received the special pet for wearing the Cyber Bunny Helmet.

Post-Event Possibilities

The Cyber Bunny Helmet event runs until April 13th, 2023. After this date, obtaining the Purple Marshmallow Chick through this method won't be possible. However, you may still have a chance to acquire it through trading with other players.

Trading in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X allows players to trade Pet Sim X Pets and Diamonds freely. The Trading Plaza is the best location for such transactions. If you miss the event, consider trading for the Purple Marshmallow Chick. Keep in mind that players may expect more valuable items, like Diamonds or other rare and powerful pets, in exchange.

Unlocking the Trading Plaza requires heading to the shop in Spawn World, climbing up the stairs, and reaching the gateway on the right. For 1 million diamonds, you can unlock the Trading Plaza.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about obtaining the exclusive Purple Marshmallow Chick in Pet Simulator X. If you're interested in other special event pets, check out our guide on acquiring the Huge Chef Cat. Best of luck with your pet collecting adventures!